Hot For Teacher – Bass Lesson

Thought this might help any bassists wanting to learn Hot for Teacher. A mate (cheers Nige!) filmed us from my side and it shows pretty well the fingering ho…

21 Guns – Green Day Bass Cover with Tabs

We decided to do some guitar and bass covers so here is my take on 21 Guns by Green Day on the bass with tab / tabs. Was gonna finger pick it but thought thi…
G ———————————————————————— D ———————————————————————— A —–…

eMedia Bass Method v2 PC [Download] Reviews

eMedia Bass Method v2 PC [Download]

51i6Lx036FL. SL160  eMedia Bass Method  v2 PC [Download] Reviews

  • eMedia?s Animated Fretboard to display bass fingerings and make it easy to learn how to read bass tabs, notes and how to play bass parts.
  • Note and Finger Tracker, which lets you see the bass notes you play in notation and on the Animated Fretboard as the bass software listens to your playing using the computer’s microphone.
  • An automatic bass tuner, recorder, guitar chord dictionary and digital metronome – crucial tools to learn how to play bass.
  • Great bass songs made famous by the Dead, CCR and Dylan to make bass guitar lessons fun! Songs include bass-only and no-bass options so you can play along with the band.
  • Anyone can learn how to play bass guitar today with bass lessons from eMedia!

Bass Lessons To Learn the Basics and Beyond Learn how to play bass with this best-selling bass guitar method. Noted bassist and teacher John Arbo takes you through a complete bass tutorial with 140 bass lessons that show you how to tune the bass, read bass tabs and notes, play bass scales and master common bass parts. eMedia Interactive Feedback technologies, like the Note and Finger Tracker, make learning bass faster. Bass lessons use popular, easy bass songs like “Rock’n Me” by Steve Mil

buynow big eMedia Bass Method  v2 PC [Download] Reviews

List Price: $ 59.95

Price: $ 50.40

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