Which Bass Guitar Scale To Play Under Chords

This will be a short post. A lot of beginner bass guitar players wonder if they should concentrate on playing chords or bass scales when they are playing under guitar chords. The answer is simple: why do you need to chose? When you’re playing “chords” you’re actually just playing the triad notes in the scale [...]

Bass Guitar Scale – Major Scale

I use the major scale on bass guitar when I’m playing country and traditional music and also in some styles of pop music. I also use the major scale under major chords in any style of music. The major scale is the basic scale “do-re-mi-fa..”. This guitar/bass scale is comprised of 8 notes with the [...]

Bass Guitar Scale – Minor Scale

I use the bass guitar minor scale when I ‘m playing rock, some jazz and especially blues as well as playing it under minor chords in any style of music. The minor guitar/bass scale has a cool blues tone that is created by flattening the 3rd and 7th notes in a major scale. If you [...]