Bass Guitar Neck Scale

The topic of bass guitar scale length comes up often when we talk about anything related to bass guitar playing. For the newbie this may be a bit confusing so I’ll try and simplify it. The neck scale of any stringed instrument refers to the length of the strings between the nut and the bridge. The smaller this [...]

Bass Guitar Arpeggio

This is a great bass guitar scale video I found on YouTube that shows you how to play arpeggios over basic chord patterns. Most of you have probably seen this but maybe didn’t know what this was. Like any single note bass playing you’re really  just playing bass scales.   After you’ve master that simple [...]

Bass Guitar Blues Scales

Blues scales are really anything that sounds “bluesy” to you. A bass guitar scale is made to sound blues-like by flattening some of the notes in the major scale. Examples of these that are covered in other posts include the bass guitar minor scale and the bass guitar pentatonic minor scale. If we want to [...]