Teach Yourself How to Play a Bass Guitar

If you wondering on how to play a bass guitar, one of the initial things you have to know is how this version differs from others. Also known as the electrical base, this version looks that may match an electrical guitar but has both a lengthier neck and scale. Probably the most typical variant may [...]

Learn To Play Guitar Online And Discover Guitar Lesson Tools

Article by STEPHEN BASS Teach Yourself Guitar There are millions of self-taught guitarists. Some have gone on to greatness and worldwide fame. If you sometimes feel that you are just mediocre or even downright awful then you can play guitar online, and it’s never been easier. The internet today offers a “HUGE” amount of information [...]

How To Play Piano-Teach Yourself Music and Beginner Piano Lessons.

Article by Ken Aindow This article is the first of seven articles for beginner piano lesson with very useful information that will give you to a firm grounding to go on and teach yourself how to play. You can take piano lessons online and make your dreams a reality. If you do not particularly want [...]