Bass Drum Muffling

The Best Techniques For Muffling Your Bass Drum Muffling your bass drum is an important decision that every drummer considers at one time or another. Drum sets by there very nature sometimes need muffling to tame down unwanted ring. Many drummers feel that you should never muffle your drums as the sound is dampened too [...]

Discover more information about Bass Guitar Chords

Article by Dustin Hopfer When learning how you can play the bass guitar bass guitar chords will probably be one of the initial points that you are taught. Chords or a combination of notes on distinct strings played within a particular buy are mixed to create audio. Bass guitar chords are straightforward to find out [...]

Materials You Need to Learn Bass Guitar

Today, if you know how to play the guitar people will consider you to be very cool. But if you want to do away with the usual acoustic and electric guitar, you might want to learn bass guitar. In this article, you will know the basics when it comes to playing it right so start [...]