Bass Guitar Learning Tips

There are plenty of amazing good options to select from, if you decide to learn bass guitar. Presently, you can find plenty means to learn the principles of playing the bass. You may think of getting a professional maestro to hold private lessons. Personal beginner lessons to learn to play the guitar are the most [...]

L285 Blues bass licks in A

Im playing over a A7 to D9 chord sequence We can call the tune The Green Count;-) Even though the A7 chord has a major third, you can play minor thirds as well its Blues! Scales you can use: A minor pentatonic / blues scale A minor dorian scale D mixolydian A dimished actually the [...]

Boss TU12EX Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner

Boss TU12EX Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner Best Prices Chromatic tuner for guitar and bass This successor to the legendary TU-12 provides BOSS famous needle/LED indicators for fast, accurate tuning. Other features include Flat Tuning of up to six half steps, ACCU-PITCH with an audible beep, a reference… Sweetwater $ 99.00+ $ 0.00 shipping [...]