How to Get Good Tone From a Bass Guitar

Getting good tone from your bass guitar is important, whether you are recording in the studio or rehearsing with your band. Blue October’s Matt Novesky share… Widgets

Victor Wooten’s Sex in a Pan for Dummies (Bass Tutorial)

Hey there, just me fooling around with my new bass, but i didn’t want to just play that piece because victor already did that, and better so i tried to ma… Opgenomen met Line 6 Toneport en een webcam die aan vervanging toe is. Widgets

The Guitar Player Repair Guide – 3rd

The Guitar Player Repair Guide – 3rd (Book). This expanded edition for beginners to experts is a step-by-step manual to maintaining and repairing electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Players learn how to set up a guitar and keep it in top form by mastering basic maintenance. Features an essential DVD that makes guitar maintenance [...]