Bass Scales and Bass Guitar Lessons

If you’ve come to this site looking for free bass guitar lessons on bass scales I can assure you you will find plenty of information on how to play them.  Just check out any of the links on either side of this page. Playing scales on the bass is not just about learning bass scale patterns or the notes in a particular scale. The secret to playing a good bass scale is knowing what  scales to play underwhich chords in any particular key.

You will find a lot of good information here on that but at some point you are going to want to take your bass playing to a higher level and bass guitar lessons are usually the right way to go.

Private Bass Guitar Lessons Suck

I get a lot of email here at Bass Scales about taking bass guitar lessons, especially private lessons. As a former guitar instructor myself, I know the amount of effort it takes for a private music instructor to tailor weekly lessons to each individual student’s learning curve and I can assure you that most of them can not do this correctly and still make a living teaching.

So what happens is they create their lessons to meet the needs of the slowest students, thus holding back students who could be learning at an accelerated rate.

When I was teaching guitar I had students in their tenth week still working on chords and other students whom I was teaching Jimi Hendrix leads to at the tenth week. The same can hold true with bass guitar lessons. One student may be learning the basics at the same time another with only the same amount of lessons may be working on modes and bass scales.

How To Learn Bass Without Private Bass Guitar Lessons

So what is the answer? Learning on your own so that you can grow at your own rate is the fastest way to learn any musical instrument. As a former private instructor I can not with a clear conscience recommend anyone take private lessons, especially now that there are so many audio and video courses out there. And with the Internet, there is no reason why you wouldn’t use a good video course if you truly want to excel at playing the bass.

Unfortunately for aspiring bass players there aren’t as many options as there are for guitar players, which, in my opinion is kind of silly considering that playing bass requires a lot more real knowledge of bass scales and music theory than playing six string. Unless of course, you just want to play root notes and triads the rest of your life. I would hope you want more than that, right?

Which Bass Guitar Course Should I Buy?

Without a doubt the best course is Roy Vogt’s “Teach Me To Play Bass”.

I believe the quality if this course might be the reason there really aren’t many bass courses out there. No one thinks they can compete with this course. But , and here’s the drawback, the price: $187.00. I know that sounds like a lot but consider weekly lessons at $15-20 a pop. That’s $700-$1000 you’ll spend the first year, and most teachers won’t get you past what Roy covers in his first 6 lessons in a year. So I think you’ll agree the price is reasonable.

And Roy’s course delves into things like bass scales at a level you’ve probably never experienced before.

Now if you really can’t afford Roy’s course then my next choice in the Music Master Bass Guitar Course. While this course is not a complete as Roy’s, it is a heck of a lot cheaper at only $29.95. It will still get you far. And it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

And listen, in the interest of full disclosure I want you to know that when you buy one of these courses, I do get a commission. And even though the cheaper course actually pays me better I still recommend Roy Vogt’s course first. And the reason is simple: it’s so complete it’s the last bass guitar lessons you will ever have to buy.

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