Easy Electric Guitar Lessons – The Best One For You

Learning to play an acoustic electric guitar is different from how to play bass guitar. That is simply because they are two distinct instruments. For instance, bass guitar lessons offer courses and drills for its tabs and instrument handling than that of other guitars. So if you want to learn a particular instrument, you need [...]

Why Bass Guitars Are the Backbone of Music

Many people who aren’t familiar with guitars assume a bass guitar is a brand like a Gibson or a Fender. While guitarists find this amusing, the bass guitar really doesn’t get the respect it deserves. The bass guitar is a beautiful sounding instrument that can make even the most stiff legged, tone deaf person want [...]

Bass Guitars

When we listen to jazz, funk, country and funk, one instrument surely stands out in the background as the music plays. The bass guitar is a stringed instrument that produces sound through vibration of the strings which then send electric signals to the speakers and are amplified. It was invented in 1950 by Leo Fender [...]