How Do Acoustic Bass Guitars Work?

Acoustic bass guitars are the deeper brothers of Western guitars. They are related to, but different from the guitarrons that are often used in the Mexican bands called mariachi they are different in many important ways from regular acoustic guitars. Building an instrument that properly supports the tone and delivers low end at usable volume [...]

How to Play Bass Guitar With DVDs

Observe different bands playing and you will certainly find out that the bass player is usually the coolest in the group. He may not be as flashy as the band’s frontman or the lead guitarist and he may even be found at the more conspicuous part of the stage. However, he is the one who [...]

Free Bass Guitar Lessons

If you are looking to receive a few free bass guitar lessons you probably should start on line. Many of the courses designed to train individuals the right way to play the bass guitar give either a free trial offer, or simply a money-back guarantee. Because the objective is to basically learn to play the [...]