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Pre-Owned Custom Built 6 String Alembic Bass

Pre-Owned Custom Built 6 String Alembic Bass Been there-done that, same old same old. Does this sound like you when you’re searching for that something extra special in a bass? If so, your search stops here! GTRstore President Steve Pisani has logged many miles, in many small towns checking out off–the-beaten-path music stores and private [...]

Alembic Series II demo

1990 Series II Alembic Coco Bolo with laser LEDs The strings are 4 years old (Dean Markley Blue Steel 100-45), new strings would be more “zingy”… recorded … This is my Alembic Persuader in near perfect condition. I’ve truly fallen in love with this bass! It plays amazingly and is a 32 scale inch which [...]