Warwick – Rockbass Corvette $$ 5-String Full-Size Electric Bass Guitar – available at Best Buy

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Slow Blues in E – Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson – Bad Blues Part 1 – TABLATURE available

Many people have been asking me to do a lesson on Bad Blues, a slow bluesinstrumental I recorded in the past. So here it is. It’s based on the playing of Baby Tate, a wonderful Carolina bluesman, and Lightinin’ Hopkins, the texas blues giant. Here’s the original version www.youtube.com It’s a typical “monotonic bass” or [...]

Different Options Available for Bass Guitar Lessons

You are the type of person who seeks more knowledge and skills. At this point, you are very intent on taking bass guitar lessons. You are very keen in music, and this passion leads you to aiming for more and becoming better with what you already know. At this point, you just know the basics [...]