Brighton Guitar Academy Tutor Matt (Lewis Road based bass guitar lessons)

Bass Guitar lessons in Brighton through Brighton Guitar Academy. Brighton Guitar Academy has the best, most dedicated guitar tutors from the South of England… Bass guitar lesson video featuring Jeff Berlin of The Players School of Music in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Florida. In this video Jeff g… Widgets

Using Pentatonic Scales – Bass Lesson with Scott Devine (L#50) FREE BASS LESSONS visit Scott’s site. There you can view loads of free video lessons covering bass soloing – improvisation … This lesson covers the Minor Pentatonic scale and how to play it all over the bass guitar neck. The main patterns are covered along with a demonstration of i… Widgets

Fat Boy FBGB15 15 Watt Bass Amp

Fat Boy FBGB15 15 Watt Bass Amp MP3 input Power: 15W Speaker 6.5″ Power: 15W. Speaker 6.5″. Controls: volume, bass, treble. Jacks: input, MP3 in, phones. Size: 270mm(W) x 152mm(D) x 305mm(H). List Price: $ 82.99 Price: 10 Watt Bass (Base) Guitar Amplifier Combo Amp Practice BA-10W & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Pick Headphones: 1/4″^Watts: [...]