7 Minutes of Hip Hop Basslines

A selection of my favourite hip hop basslines. Bass: Sterling Ray 34 Amp: Mark Bass Little Mark 3 + Mark Bass Club 102 Effects: Enigma Qballs + Big Muff Trac… Amazon.com Widgets

Three Basslines That Changed My Life!! – maxproud channel

Three electric-basslines that started me on my bassplaying life! Subscribe for FREE to http://www.scottsbasslessons.com and you’ll receive exclusive ‘MEMBER ONLY’ video lessons, and other cool goodies! DOWNLOAD THE FREE MP… Amazon.com Widgets

Dirty Dubstep Basslines with Logic’s ES2

6:17 for the final product. sound-guru.com for more in-depth tutorials. As ever, my videos are licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike 2.0. If you like the vid, leave a comment. If you don’t, then bring the hate. epic dubstep tune, i love this one. from musigh.com again. Amazon.com Widgets