How to Build a Cheap DIY Electric Upright Bass out of a 1×3

For under you can purchase good quality lumber at a hardware store. Or browse the wood in the free scrap pile instead. For under , you can buy 4 eye bo… Widgets

Cheap “Artist” Bass

Cheap 0 Artist Bass guitar played through guitar rig 4. Widgets

JETHRO TULL – Cheap Day Return & Mother Goose, Aqualung 1971

JETHRO TULL Aqualung, 1971 “Cheap Day Return” (1:21) & “Mother Goose” (3:51) Recorded: Dec 1970 – Feb 1971 Released: March 1971 UK Genre: Progressive Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock —– (from On ‘Mother Goose’, “The lyrics are a pastiche of surreal figures based on images that Ian Anderson saw while wandering around Hampstead Heath. [...]