Bass Guitar Lesson: Mauricio Pauly: 1 Improvisation and Fluency Through Chord Changes

Mauricio Pauly is a composer, bass guitarist and tutor for Access to Music at the Royal Northern College of Music. Here he explores improvisation at the bass… Widgets

Bass Chord Pro – All The Chords You’ll Ever Need On Bass – Lesson 1 – The Major Chord Head to the site to sign up for Bass Chord Pro for instant access to the course. Don’t forget to download the free … Widgets

Mel Bay 5-String Bass Chord Chart

Mel Bay 5-String Bass Chord Chart Used Book in Good Condition This chord chart created for the 5-string bass shows major, minor, 7th, 6th, augmented, diminished, and many other chords. A fretboard chart showing the notes on each string is also included. List Price: $ 4.95 Price: Widgets