Warwick basses comparison. 3 in a row.

3 awesome basses from Warwick in one video. Recorded line-in using ART MP-1, MOTU ultralite, Macbook, Propellerhead Reason. Edited with iMovie. Enjoy! I’m in… Amazon.com Widgets

Precision Bass vs Jazz Bass (Comparison, Explanation)

These are the world’s two most famous basses. Ever since the beginning, The P bass and J bass have been rocking the stage and studios. Each of them is a grea… Vanja Djujic Bass-Guitar Recording – A little mess – Fender Squier Jazz Bass, composed by Konstantin Mechteridis, produced by Martin Barman. Amazon.com Widgets

Warwick Bass Comparison: Streamer Stage I and II and Thumb NT

This is a quick video I put together to highlight the similarities and the differences between the Warwick Streamer Stage I, the Streamer Stage II, and the T… just a simple funk pattern played with all of my basses to show you their different sounds/character. 1. Musicman Stingray 03 2. J-Bass copy 3. P-Bass copy [...]