Precision Bass vs Jazz Bass (Comparison, Explanation)

These are the world’s two most famous basses. Ever since the beginning, The P bass and J bass have been rocking the stage and studios. Each of them is a grea… Vanja Djujic Bass-Guitar Recording – A little mess – Fender Squier Jazz Bass, composed by Konstantin Mechteridis, produced by Martin Barman. Widgets

Warwick Bass Comparison: Streamer Stage I and II and Thumb NT

This is a quick video I put together to highlight the similarities and the differences between the Warwick Streamer Stage I, the Streamer Stage II, and the T… just a simple funk pattern played with all of my basses to show you their different sounds/character. 1. Musicman Stingray 03 2. J-Bass copy 3. P-Bass copy [...]