Warwick Custom 12 String Bass Guitar Demo – Andy Irvine (original music)

Warwick Custom Shop 12 String Bass Demo – Andy Irvine (original music) WA600,WCA410,WCA115,MXR Carbon Copy,MXR Analog Chorus. Amazon.com Widgets


New bass demo feat. Or Lubianiker playing Yolanda Charles’ Jabba 5 Custom by Mayones Bass Guitars. We recorded this video @ Musikmesse 2013. The audio track … Amazon.com Widgets

Pre-Owned Custom Built 6 String Alembic Bass

Pre-Owned Custom Built 6 String Alembic Bass Been there-done that, same old same old. Does this sound like you when you’re searching for that something extra special in a bass? If so, your search stops here! GTRstore President Steve Pisani has logged many miles, in many small towns checking out off–the-beaten-path music stores and private [...]