The Trammps – Disco inferno (Bass Tutorial with TABS)

Hello! Follow if You like: Is anyone of You watching tv series “Suits”? I found this song again after many years, so try to … Widgets

Guy Pratt’s great disco bass lines

Go to for more videos Guy Pratt pulls out his beloved Fender jazz bass, also known as Betsy, to play the classic disco basslines for t5m, including ‘Good Times’ by Chic, and ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees. Widgets

L211 Beginner disco funk bass

Download Video, mp3, pdf TAB here Minor pentatonic scale ,octaves, slides, pullofs and hammerons. Normal , slow and playalong version – I play 4 bars then you play 4 bars From The best of the blues – Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons Love that blues music – Playin’ The Blues Like It was! [...]