Playing With A Bass Player – Free Drum Lessons

FREE Series: De-Stupefying Your Weak Hand – . Playing with other musicians is key to becoming a complete drummer. Jerry Adolphe t… Widgets

Mapex P500TW Double Bass Drum Pedal

Mapex P500TW Double Bass Drum Pedal Super Single Chain Lightweight and Smooth Duo-Tone Beater Skid Proof Stabilizing Rails Limited 5 Year Warranty P500TW Double Bass Drum Pedal, Super Single Chain Lightweight & Smooth. Skid Proof Stabilizing Rails. Mapex Duo-Tone Beater. Limited 5 Year Warranty. List Price: $ 199.00 Price: Widgets

Tips For Mixing and Beat Matching Drum and Bass Music

When you are mixing a good rule of thumb is not to overtax the sound system or clipping will occur or worse you might blow the sound system. Clipping is when the music begins to distort or have a crackle sound and the sound cuts of and then on again. When mixing something like drum [...]