Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar (Guitar Books) Reviews

Beginning Fingerstyle Blues Guitar (Guitar Books) Published by Music Sales America 98 Pages Book/CD Pack by Arnie Berle and Mark Galbo Author: Mark Galbo (Music Sales America). A step-by-step method for learning this rich and powerful style. Takes you from the fundamentals of fingerpicking to five authentic blues tunes. Includes graded exercises, illustrated tips, plus [...]

Acoustic guitar lesson : Fingerstyle patterns 1 (+tablature)

Part 1 of my fingerstyle pattern guitar lessons with tablature. This lesson is suitable for every beginner and starts from scratch. It is based on a few easy chords in C and starts with an easy arpeggio (which also can be used as an accompaniment) and ends in a complete melody solo guitar instrumental. It’s [...]

Chet Atkins FingerStyle Guitar Lesson

This lesson comes with tablature and shows you how to play a simple fingerstyle / walking bass line rhythm made famous by guys like Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. To download the tablature for this lesson, go here: Widgets