iJangle Tunings: tuner tools – guitar tuning reference (FREE)

iJangle Tunings: tuner tools – guitar tuning reference (FREE) 6 string and 12 string tuning Open tunings 17 tunings in all Open D, Open G, Low C, DADGAD, D6, All Fourths BEBEBE, Eb/D#, CGDFGD, CGDFCE, GGDGBD Dylan, Zepp, Hendrix, Drake, Bass Open C6 (Zepp Acoustic), EADEAE Celtic DAFCGD List Price: $ 0.00 Price: Planet Waves [...]

Free Beginner Bass Guitar Lessons With Scott Grove 1 Hour

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Bass Guitar Master Free

Bass Guitar Master Free Great sounds; Intuitive and user-friendly interface; Cool and colorful design; Absolutely free! List Price: $ 0.00 Price: Amazon.com Widgets