How to Get Good Tone From a Bass Guitar

Getting good tone from your bass guitar is important, whether you are recording in the studio or rehearsing with your band. Blue October’s Matt Novesky share… Widgets

Buying a Good Upright Bass

Buying a Good Upright Bass If you are a seasoned, experienced upright bass player, chances are you know what to look for in a good upright bass.  Often though, even upright bass players that have been playing for quite some time, still don’t know what to look for in a bass.  As a [...]

A Cheap Bass Guitar – Good Or Bad?

It has been proven that playing and listening to music is therapeutic. While some kinds of music are better than others for getting someone to relax, that is not all music is used for. Music can make a person feel happy, nostalgic, sad, excited, and even energetic. Imagine what the world would be without music, [...]