Randy Jackson- Master Groove

Randy Jackson- Master Groove Play any nation on a beautifully rendered 3D world map Hundreds of unique land, sea, and air units representing both major and minor powers of the era Research an array of weapon systems and tactical improvements; repair, reinforce and upgrade existing forces Fly air missions against a range of industrial and [...]

BASS TECHNIQUES [Bass Solos Groove]

Hey Guys!! Here’s a bass solo groove in which i show 5 Main Techniques to play bass guitar: Harmonics, Slap, Pick, Tapping and Finger Style!! Which is you… Amazon.com Widgets

Victor Wooten: Groove Workshop

Victor Wooten: Groove Workshop Languages – English, Spanish, German, and Japanese Instrumentation – Bass Expanding on the groundbreaking concepts he introduced in his book, The Music Lesson ‘A Spiritual Search For Growth Through Music, master bassist Victor Wooten lays out his unique philosophy of teaching and learning music in Groove Workshop, a 2008 DVD from [...]