Fender USA Jazz Special vs Fender Mexican Jazz

Andertons Music Store – http://bit.ly/r0E6fk Twitter — http://bit.ly/ovwOnW Facebook — http://on.fb.me/qpDgjU In this video I compare two Fender jazz basse… Basses : Fender Jazz bass japan reissue (1993) – Pickups fender custom 60. Fender Pecision American Standard (2010) – Pickups seymour duncan SPB-3 Musicman B… Amazon.com Widgets

F Jazz Blues Walking Bass line

A lot of my students are interested in playing walking bass line & comping. So I played this example of walking bass line on F Jazz Blues. Before you do this… Amazon.com Widgets

1961 Fender Jazz Bass Three Tone Sunburst

1961 Fender Jazz Three Tone Sunburst (http://goo.gl/ahTvh) Marc gives you a great look into the this piece of musical history, an original 1961 Jazz bass in … San Francisco Bay Area bass icon, Bobby Vega, takes us through the many classic tones of a vintage Fender Jazz Bass with an original Acoustic 360 amplifier. … [...]