Learn how to play a Jazz style blues and comp chords with walking bass lines with tabs guitar lesson

http://www.nextlevelguitar.com/free_blues_video/ click NOW for a FREE Video guitar lesson that is not on YouTube & a FREE Ebook from Next Level Guitar.com Le… Keep in mind-there are two seperate guitar parts..For private or group Guitar-Bass-Vocal lessons on Skype,or CVT Lessons(Custom Video Tablature)go to rockinguitarlessons.com for pricings &… Amazon.com Widgets

Beginner Bass Lesson 01 – Introduction to the bass guitar

Lesson 1 An overview of the key components that together make up the bass guitar. An introduction to the Bass Guitar, how to Tune and some useful tips to ach… Amazon.com Widgets

Double Bass Drum Exercises “Triplets and 16th-note Timing” FREE LESSON

My Channel! http://www.youtube.com/mpddrummer In this video I demonstrate how to play “16th Note Timing” and “Triplet Timing” on the snare drum and double-ba… Drum lesson for quick double bass work. This lesson covers things like foot position, throne height, and how to play from the ankles. Amazon.com Widgets