Fender® Marcus Miller Bass Guitar

Fender’s stylish Marcus Miller Jazz Bass guitar is soulful and astounding. It has an ash body, distinctive black pickguard/control plate and one-piece C-shap… Amazon.com Widgets

Marcus Miller – Jean Pierre (amazing solo on bassgitar) and battle between sax and bass.

Marcus Miller op het northseajazz festival 2011 in rotterdam. Join facebook fan page!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grzegorz-Kosinski/103237973070166 Grzegorz Kosiński – Bagatelle in A minor (a-moll), WoO 59, For Elise… Amazon.com Widgets

Marcus miller Run for cover JVC jazz festival in Seoul

Hi..I’m Korean in yeonchon country. My name is Lee Heechul. This is performance in seoul,Sejong Cultural Hall at 2004. This place has perfect sound establishments, and Sound is so good. Maybe it is the best of the world. This play is the one of the five plays, in exclude playing with Take Six.. Hmmm..Have a [...]