Radioactive – Imagine Dragons – Bass – Sheet Music, Chords, and Vocals

Learn how to play more songs and upload your own version at Chromatik – Bass sheet music, chords, and vocals for Imagine Dragons – Radi… Sheet Music for Michael Jackson’s Beat it. For Vocals, Synth, 7 Stringed Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar and Drums. PDF:… Widgets

JEFF BERLIN Bass Guitar Lessons – Chord Tones and Approach Notes 3 – The Players School of Music

Bass guitar lesson video featuring Jeff Berlin of The Players School of Music in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Florida. In this video bass l… Widgets

A Trip Into Deep Bass Music

A live mix recorded by myself on a pair of KCD450′s and American Audio TT Turntable. It’s a dubstep mix, but don’t expect high pitched synth’s and filthy saw… Widgets