Warwick Custom 12 String Bass Guitar Demo – Andy Irvine (original music)

Warwick Custom Shop 12 String Bass Demo – Andy Irvine (original music) WA600,WCA410,WCA115,MXR Carbon Copy,MXR Analog Chorus. Amazon.com Widgets

Wild Turkey – Original Song – Drum/Bass/Guitar – Recorded Live

Like My FB! www.facebook.com Follow Me! www.twitter.com An Original Song entitled “Wild Turkey” in 7/4 & 6/8 by Casey Cooper, Wesley Bruner & Daniel Melton. Daniel Melton – Guitar Laney Amplifiers Schecter Guitar Custom – MeoWah Wah Pedal Welsey Bruner – Bass Avatar Cab Fender Bassman Pro 300 – Tube Fender – Roscoe Beck Signature [...]

Voltage – Melodic Metal Instrumental (Original Music)

This track now available on itunes and Amazon MP3: Amazon: tinyurl.com iTunes: tinyurl.com The album version is remixed and remastered. I boosted the bass and treble levels to add definition. New metal track! I spent over a week on this one. Total time: about 90 hours. I composed everything in guitar pro first, before recording. [...]