Precision Bass vs Jazz Bass part 1 – Explanation

What’s the difference??? The Precision Bass vs. The Jazz Bass. Let’s take a look at who the basses really are. Fender debuted the Dee Dee Ramone Signature Precision Bass during a private prescreening of the “Dee Dee Ramone Exhibit” at New York City’s famed Hotel Chels… Widgets

How to Read the Bass Stave (Understanding Sheet Music Part 3) 10

Hey everyone, This week we are looking at understanding the notes on the bass stave, Next time we join both the treble and bass staves together to create the… Easy bass guitar sheet music to the German song Muss I Denn. This song was recorded by Elvis Presley with the title Wooden Hear… [...]

EADG 4: Part 11 – The Acoustic Bass Guitar

Professional Bassist John Falstrom shares his personal insights into the “hidden treasure,” the acoustic bass guitar. —- —- Owen O’Malley gives his take on the Ibanez AEB10E Acoustic-Electric bass, both connected to an amp and with plug pulled. Check out this video to see where th… Widgets