Washburn Taurus Series Basses (4 String, Mahogany)

Washburn Taurus Series Basses (4 String, Mahogany) Neck-thru body construction Multi-laminate mahogany and maple neck Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay Our most affordable basses are truly an acheivement. These basses are pro level in every way, from the fine woods & finishes to the high quality components, you’ll be stunned by what you can do [...]

Shecter Diamond Series Elite 4 Bass Guitar For Sale

This cool looking Bass Guitar is for sale at Orange pawnshop and on ebay. Amazon.com Widgets

Alembic Series II demo

1990 Series II Alembic Coco Bolo with laser LEDs The strings are 4 years old (Dean Markley Blue Steel 100-45), new strings would be more “zingy”… recorded … This is my Alembic Persuader in near perfect condition. I’ve truly fallen in love with this bass! It plays amazingly and is a 32 scale inch which [...]