Bass Lessons Online: Victor Wooten Slap Bass Blister Tip (L#9)

Another free video bass lesson from Mark J Smith for In this lesson I give a little tip on how to protect your thumb from blisters and so… Widgets

Dracula – Peter Muller Slap Bass Solo Transcription Free Bass Tabs

A little performance cover of the Peter Muller Track “Dracula”. Transcription available at Please Help Support t… Hello! Follow if You like: This one is pretty funkin hard Hope this Tutorial will help You! Cheers, Bas Shiver basses, bass … Widgets

Advanced Slap Bass Licks – Slowed Down – Andy Irvine

Slap Bass Licks – Slowed Down – Andy Irvine Warwick,Rock Bass-Fortress, Hellborg preamp, WA600, WCA410 EMG-X pickups. Widgets