25 Top Rock Bass Songs: Tab. Tone. Technique. Reviews

25 Top Rock Bass Songs: Tab. Tone. Technique. (Bass Recorded Versions Mixed). This series includes performance notes and accurate tab for the greatest songs of every genre. From the essential gear, recording techniques and historical information, to the right- and left-hand techniques and other playing tips it’s all here! Master 25 must-know bass classics, including: [...]

[Bass Lesson] Plucking Hand Technique + Exercises (Fingerstyle)

In this lesson, I demonstrate and explain my approach to the standard and most common way to play electric bass, which is the alternating two finger style (i… Amazon.com Widgets

Beginner Bass Lesson 04 – Technique Plucking

Lesson 4 An introduction to Technique focusing on the Plucking Hand. In this lesson I introduce the concept of scales and modes and explain their function in improvisation. I always try to make my lessons as simple as possible… Amazon.com Widgets