3 Bass Guitar Tips That You Must Know – Tom Boyd

http://www.SpeedyBass.com – In this video we look at 3 Bass Guitar Tips That You Must Know. Focusing on bass guitar technique, learning the bass guitar notes… The more comfortable you are as a bass player, the better your playing will be. It also prevents alot of bad habits and injuries. Amazon.com Widgets

Bass Guitar Practice Tips

Dave DeMarco illustrating the concept of “Practicing With Purpose”. This is applicable to all musicians, not just bassists. Dave is available for in person o… Amazon.com Widgets

Tips For Mixing and Beat Matching Drum and Bass Music

When you are mixing a good rule of thumb is not to overtax the sound system or clipping will occur or worse you might blow the sound system. Clipping is when the music begins to distort or have a crackle sound and the sound cuts of and then on again. When mixing something like drum [...]