1957 Fender Precision Bass 2 Tone Sunburst Demo

Fender Precision Bass 2 Tone Sunburst 1957 (http://goo.gl/b4Zs48) Marc plays the 1957 Fender Precision bass through a 1987 Limited Edition “Skunkworks” Ampeg… My ‘new’ 1971 Fender Precision bass. Originally candy apple red, a previous owner had the neck (apart from the headstock face) and body refinned. The pickgua… Amazon.com Widgets

1961 Fender Jazz Bass Three Tone Sunburst

1961 Fender Jazz Three Tone Sunburst (http://goo.gl/ahTvh) Marc gives you a great look into the this piece of musical history, an original 1961 Jazz bass in … San Francisco Bay Area bass icon, Bobby Vega, takes us through the many classic tones of a vintage Fender Jazz Bass with an original Acoustic 360 amplifier. … [...]

How to Get Good Tone From a Bass Guitar

Getting good tone from your bass guitar is important, whether you are recording in the studio or rehearsing with your band. Blue October’s Matt Novesky share… Amazon.com Widgets