Ashdown Little Bastard 30W All Tube Bass Guitar Amp

Josh Graham takes the Little Bastard 30 through its paces through the Ashdown VS-212 cab. Recorded using the on board Di and an Audio Technica 4040 mic. For … Widgets

Fender Bassman 300 Pro Vacuum Tube Bass Guitar Amplifier.MOV

This posting is just to view the nice clean amplifier and document the power and enhanced response to bass frequencies Laney Amplification, NEXUS-FET Bass Amplifier demo by Nathan Williams. Featuring 650 Watts RMS NEXUS-FET bass head, hooked to a NX410 800 watts 4 x 10″ Celestion Neodymium driver powered cabinet and a 800 watts NX115 [...]

Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer Pedal

Ibanez TS9B Bass Tube Screamer Pedal Price Comparison Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Pedal The Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is a reissue that’s just like the original in so many ways. Same factory, same components, same housing, same famous seasick-green paint, and the same crankin’ overdrive that made the… zZounds $ 99.99+ $ 0.00 shipping [...]