The Trammps – Disco inferno (Bass Tutorial with TABS)

Hello! Follow if You like: Is anyone of You watching tv series “Suits”? I found this song again after many years, so try to … Widgets

Victor Wooten’s Sex in a Pan for Dummies (Bass Tutorial)

Hey there, just me fooling around with my new bass, but i didn’t want to just play that piece because victor already did that, and better so i tried to ma… Opgenomen met Line 6 Toneport en een webcam die aan vervanging toe is. Widgets

Bass Amp Settings Tutorial

A beginner insight into amp setting and how a bass amp works – Please tell me your amp setting as well as I would love to hear them! Many beginner players underestimate the importance of crafting a good tone on their bass amp and how much difference it can make to their sound. In the [...]