F Jazz Blues Walking Bass line

A lot of my students are interested in playing walking bass line & comping. So I played this example of walking bass line on F Jazz Blues. Before you do this… Amazon.com Widgets

Learn How To Play Walking Bass In 3 Easy Steps

This lesson will teach you how to play beginner walking bass lines in 3 easy steps. You will be ready to improvise walking bass lines to any songs in just 1 … http://www.playjazznow.com presents a lesson showing you how to construct walking bass lines on the traditional 12 bar blues. Study with me via Skype! [...]

Bass for Jazz: Lesson 20, Minor Scale Walking Pattern

This is the 20th assignment for jazz bass taught by music teacher Scott Laird & Phillip Riggs at the NC School of Science & Math. This lesson covers walking … http://www.easybassvids.com The minor scale is your ticket to playing some the fiercest riff jams there are. Not only that, it will enhance your abilities an… [...]