review – 13 Bass Guitars Shootout – Musicman, Warwick, Conklin, Fender, Alembic, Spector, Hohner is a place for bands, amps and much more gear! Bass guitars in this review: 0:24 0:55 – Conklin Gr… Widgets

Warwick Bass Workshop in Argentina – Andy Irvine and Robert Trujillo

Warwick Workshop in Argentina. Artistas: Andy Irvine and Robert Trujillo. Lugar: The Cavern. Paseo La Plaza. Video realizado por Agustín Motta para Warwick B… Widgets

Warwick basses comparison. 3 in a row.

3 awesome basses from Warwick in one video. Recorded line-in using ART MP-1, MOTU ultralite, Macbook, Propellerhead Reason. Edited with iMovie. Enjoy! I’m in… Widgets