Fat Boy FBGB15 15 Watt Bass Amp

Fat Boy FBGB15 15 Watt Bass Amp MP3 input Power: 15W Speaker 6.5″ Power: 15W. Speaker 6.5″. Controls: volume, bass, treble. Jacks: input, MP3 in, phones. Size: 270mm(W) x 152mm(D) x 305mm(H). List Price: $ 82.99 Price: 10 Watt Bass (Base) Guitar Amplifier Combo Amp Practice BA-10W & DirectlyCheap(TM) Translucent Blue Medium Pick Headphones: 1/4″^Watts: [...]

Mike Watt Interview and Bass Lesson. PlayThisRiff.com

www.playthisriff.com presents Mike Watt discussing “Fingers Vs. Pick,” “Adding notes to your Major and Minor Scale,” and “The Politics of Bass.” All from the stage of “The Casbah” in San Diego. Dig that plane noise! www.playthisriff.com Amazon.com Widgets

20000 watt window shake – Tremendous Bass #15

dropped of a few co-workers off to pick up a few fords for our company fleet. The manager of the fleet center wanted to hear it so i let him and the building have it join my website forum today! www.SteveMeadeDesigns.com The New Remix of Reflekt Feat Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved by [...]